My name is Yossi (Joseph) Ovadia. I was born in Haifa, Israel in 1960 to an orthodox Jewish family. My father worked in the Rabbinate (the states official Jewish religion authority), as a Mohel (circumciser), a cantor and a Bar Mitzvah teacher, etc. My wife, Ronit was born in Jerusalem in 1956 to a secular Jewish family, and grew up on a Kibbutz.

10We both came to know the Lord as our personal savior separately in 1983 and were married in 1990. Since then The Lord has blessed us with three sons, and we thank Him for our three sons who are walking with the Lord. Our oldest son, Immanuel (24), is a physics teacher in a high school in the north of Israel. He has a B.Sc. in physics and a physics teaching diploma. Our second son, Yedidia (22), is serving in the Israeli Air Force. Our youngest, Aminadav (20), has recently started his military service. In 1988 I received The Lord’s call to serve Him in Karmiel. (Karmiel is a city in the north on the main route from Acco to Zefad.) A half year later I founded “Kehilat Haderech” or in English “The Way Congregation”. Ronit came along side me in 1990, and since then we have served Him together.

In the early years of my ministry I worked in a secular job as a civil engineer to support my family, and was also doing all the work as pastor in the congregation in addition to my full time job. In 2003 I felt I was no longer able to manage all the responsibilities between my job and the congregation. Both areas had grown and I needed to choose where I would invest myself. I chose to resign from my job as an engineer in order to serve full time as the Pastor in the congregation. My wife continues to help and stand by me, and currently my boys also serve in a variety of ministries in the congregation during their free time.

Our congregation is composed (As it is in our city), of Israeli who were born in the land and immigrant (Jews who have returned to the land) from about 15 different countries. Our main meeting is on Shabbat. We are an assembly of about 140 to 160 people including about 50 children.

In addition to Shabbat services we have home group meetings in the different languages plus men's meetings, women's meetings and youth meetings.

Our vision is based on three main pillars.

1. Absorption of Immigrants. ( Ezekial 36:24-26)
2. Help to the needy. (Gal 6:2)
3. Partnership with our Arab Brethren. (Eph.2:14)

I currently serve as the main pastor at Kehilat HaDerech along with Liron my co-pastor in all of its different aspects, I am also involved in Arab/ Jewish reconciliation ministries as well as am one of the teachers at Lech Lecha which is a Discipleship course for young adults. I have recently completed my MA in messianic Service at the Israel bible College together with 23 other Israeli Pastors, both Jews and Arabs.

May the blessing of the Lord Jesus Christ be upon you,
Yossi and Ronit Ovadia